A Quick History

I've been a musician most of my life (6 years old). I was always fascinated with recording and studios. When I was about 11, I made my first recording from one cassette player to another- overdubbing parts as I went. I knew from that moment I wanted to be involved in music creation.

I got my first full-time recording engineer job in Asheville, NC in 1991 as the Chief recording Engineer.

I moved to Nashville in 1996 and quickly became an independent recording engineer/producer. I started my own studio in '98...Produced even more and started writing songs.

In 2006, I added Record Company owner and songwriter. I moved my studio to Murfreesboro, TN and worked there until 2016 when I moved to Yorba Linda California to be the Technical Director for Crosspointe Church.

Now, I get to do 2 more of my favorite things... Learn new things (Audio as well as Video, Lighting and Leadership) and then teach what I know.

I'm glad you are here. I want to help